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Free Doctors WordPress Theme – Doctors Lite is suitable for doctors, hospitals, health clinics, veterinary Doctors, Dentist or any other health related websites. Also, you can use this multi-purpose WordPress theme for any other similar niches too.

Free Doctors WordPress Theme Features

Free Doctors WordPress Theme – Doctors Lite

Why you should use Free Doctors WordPress Theme – Doctors Lite?

The design of WP Doctors Theme is awesome. Because of it, you should use this theme. For being a smart looking design, your website will pull the attention of your site visitors’. Above all, we know that first impression is very important for a website. A visitor of your site takes just only 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) to judge that he or she will stay in or leave your website. The first impression depends on the overall design and it is about 94{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} design related. We have dedicated countless hours to make this WordPress Doctors theme smart looking. So, you should use this overall elegant designed medical WordPress theme Doctors Lite for your health related website without any hesitation.

What Sections Must Have a Medical Website?

We have visited many numerous medical websites before starting the design of this best Doctors template. Now we know well that what elements are essential for a medical site. Medical or health related website must have a slideshow. We have added a great interactive slideshow. By which, you will be capable to display your content through an interactive & smart way.

A service area has been included to this best Doctors theme; as a result, you can expose your available medical services there. An ideal medical website should have testimonials and portfolio section on the home page, we have added it. You can show testimonials in front of your visitors. Displaying former patients’ testimonials is very important for a medical website because human psychology always wants proving, a recent study shows that convincing testimonials increase sales as well as conversions.

Free Doctors WordPress Theme has a gallery section in the main page or homepage. Your possible patient will be able to see your medical facilities visiting gallery page. Also, your used medical technology will be exposed through your Gallery section on the homepage. Your future patients will see your dedication to patients using gallery section. The right photo displaying and clear graphics can increase your medical services conversions and it can make you stand out than your medical competitors.

A very smart blog section is available on our home page. You can publish medical related news, article etc. for expressing your professionalism on medical sector. Above all, we have added every elements or section or pages that are needed for making an ideal medical website. We did everything to make you successful.

Common Reasons For Losing Potential Patients From Your Medical Website.

Your Design is Outdated:

You must lose possible clients or patients, if your medical website’s design is outdated. We have solved that problem. Our Free Doctors WordPress Theme is uniquely smart designed. We have tried our best to make Doctors Lite one of the smartest designs in the field of medical or health related websites. We can assure you that this doctors website template is the best template for doctors.

Bad Navigation:

Bad navigation is very bad for a medical website. Visitors usually can not find necessary information from a website because of bad navigation. Bad navigation is not only bad for user experience for you visitors but also very harmful to your website’s SEO. We have maintained a standard navigation system in Doctors website theme. So, you should keep reading to know more. Right?

Your Content is Difficult to Read:

A good medical website’s content should be easily readable content just not only depends on colors, images and graphics but also depends on fonts that is used on the site, the colors of your text as well as  background. We did all for you in Doctors WP template. Consequently, the reader of your medical site will be converted well for user friendly readability.

Your Product’s Benefits Aren’t Clear:

Free Doctors WordPress Theme has been created for medical related niches though you can make any kind of site with it. The medical related organizations, people & person can make their website with this theme without any hesitation. As a result, being a perfect medical theme, you can express your medical related services accurately and professionally than your competitors using Doctors WP theme.

You never give a call-to-action:

research by Small Business Trends shows that 80{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} of small B2B business websites lacked a call-to-action as recently as 2013. Astonished, right? We have noticed many medical website does not have proper call-to-action; you have to spend much time to find the contact info, that is very unprofessional, isn’t it? They were losing out possible clients because they failed to ask for the sale using a proper call-to-action. We gave proper concentration to this problem. We have added a compelling and relevant call-to-action section for better communication with visitors so that you never lose your important clients. So, you must consider this Free Doctors WordPress Theme- Doctors Lite.

Your Site Relies on Outdated plugins:

We have used latest technology for making Doctors Lite. Also, we often release new version of our existing theme. All of the used plugins are fully updated and secured. So, we can say with pride that your existing medical website may rely on outdated plugins but we are hundred percent updated. So try this free medical theme Doctors Lite, why delay!

 Maybe, Your Site isn’t Responsive, but Free Doctors WordPress Theme is Responsive:

We have found one of the problems is that most of the medical website is not responsive design at all. As a result, they are deprived of many clients. It is the age of small devices, so why your website is not responsive. Please, check the link Google’s major mobile algorithm update is here, so your medical website should be responsive design or you site will lose organic search ranking in Google including other search engines.

Furthermore,: According to research gathered by Mobify, “30{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} of mobile shoppers abandon a transaction if the experience is not optimized for mobile.” We can ensure you that Doctors Lite is 100{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} mobile responsive design.

Why Should you use SEO optimized Free Doctors WordPress Theme?

We value on quality when we make a WordPress theme. Doctors Lite is fully SEO optimized. We have coded it strictly maintaining standard Coding style so that backend coding can help you to get proper SEO ranking.

May be your site is slow to load, But our Free Doctors WordPress Theme Loads fast.

Loading time of a website has become a major factor in the area of SEO. Google has updated his SEO ranking indicators. Research from KISSmetrics reports that loading time of a site has great impact when it is about website’s performance. They have discovered that 47{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} of visitors hope a web page to load within two seconds or less. 40{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} leave a site that takes time more than three seconds for loading. Even just a one-second delay (or three seconds of waiting) usually decreases visitors’ satisfaction by about 16{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d}. So, when you use Doctors Lite, Your website will load fast and you must be ahead than your competitors.

You will use Free Doctors WordPress Theme Because it is fully secured.

We believes in providing fully safe and secured WordPress theme to our clients as well as website visitors. We always use most updated web technology & coding in our created WordPress themes. We have used latest html5, CSS3. Also, I remind you that WordPress is most Secure CMS in present world. So, enjoy Free medical WordPress theme without any tension.

Try Premium Version of Free Doctors WordPress Theme – Doctors Lite

If you like the Free Doctors WordPress Theme – Doctors Lite, You can try the premium version of this theme. You will get many premium features on it.

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