10 Tools To Create Beautiful Social Media Images

Visual content adds real value to social media along with textual content. Here you will find 3 survey data about how the images act as currency. First of all, about 66{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} of social media posts include images. You might learn that Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest allow sharing greatest number of photos and only Facebook has a user of 350 million. Sharing images in social media is identified as crucial media optimizing tactic. Outside of social media, the situation is same; we have found that website post with images gets more viewers than only textual content. Thus presently the social media platform is also focusing on redesigning.  In the way of Social media here the users actually want to interact more with visual posts. But one consistent challenge is sustaining here that most of the marketers are facing that is incorporating visual content with textual content for better marketing of the site. Once designing and visual integration were considered as stress for small business due to their higher cost. But the problem is almost solved now since a plethora of amazing tools and resources are now available for crafting stunning graphics in the instance.

10 Tools To Create Beautiful Social Media Images

In this article, I will introduce some of the popular tools that will help you a lot for creating and customizing your visual elements.

1. Pablo
You can use this free tool craft brilliant images which are highly friendly for the social media platform. It comes with 25+ stylish fonts, 600k+ searchable images and a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different media.

You have many options like selecting a template, using the filter, and uploading images and adding text to the media. After the process is done it allows sharing that on social media. It also offers a chrome extension to download images and logo from the web you can do it by clicking the dashboard. The best part of this tool is you can access all of its features without even creating an account with it.

2. Canva
Secondly, we would like to recommend the Canava for creating amazing images in no time. It has drag and drop interface. It’s probably the most all-inclusive tool on this list, including templates for social media posts, cover photos, and advertisements. It has in built tons of free images, graphics and fonts to Canvas that allows you to search for images along with images you can use text, shapes, frames, icons, charts and more.

3. Skitch
Skitch is perfect for focusing specific aspect of business and it allows taking screenshots for writing. You easily can mark your images, snap and web pages with this tool. It also helps to pixelate elements from photos, in the right sidebar of the app you will find annotation feature which can be even used for pdf.

4. Easel.ly
Sometimes blogger writes article on research data or surveys to make them more graceful info graph need to add. Therefore the importance of info graph has been increased and Easel.ly is that magic tool that will create info graph in minute for you. Most of the time complex data can be easily by audience when it is presented with visual manner. They are also a great resource to generate contextual backlinks. Usually, research based article requires info graph but it will set you back at least 100 $. But this tool is about to save your budget greatly in addition with that is will let you generate images with high graphic. And you will able to access all the option by simply signing up and account.

5. Over
Mobile websites and content are much more popular than desktop site since people of present era more like to be browse websites with handy devices. Now I am introducing a mobile app that can be your favorite tool to manage your images like a full-fledged studio. You will find this app on Google Play. The app is equipped with many robust features with which you can produce professional images in no time. The app also allows customizing color, text, fonts and more yes without using PC.

6. Pixlr
This tool has dynamic features and ability you can have the option to add effects, layers, filters, text, and borders on your own images. It has a familiar and simple interface like other editing tools. Pixlr has web and app format and you will find the windows, android and iOS format.

7. Smush.it
Images are the indispensible part of content and for getting the higher attention of views visual parts are considered important but too many images increase the weight of page and that takes too much time load. You might have known that the more time your site takes to less you have a chance to have their trust. Smush is a WordPress-based plugin you can use to scale down and compress your images and even without compromising their quality. Once it is installed it will scan image scales and subtract unnecessary part of it.

8. The Noun Project
It’s a huge library of icon which can be accessed from search bar easily with keywords. And yes they are absolutely free of cost. To get free of use you need to use premium service which start from 9.99$. Icons are integral part of branding any digital goods so no way to ignore them.

9. Pattern Library
If you need an amazing background for your social media post then you can use the Pattern Library without any hesitation. Pattern Library is a great resource for free and colorful backgrounds shared by talented designers. You can tile the images to any size you want.
10. Pictaculous
Color contrast of images is far more important to make suitable content for any site. Pictaculous gives you all rights to manage color of background, text, icon and frames.

Final Words
Nowadays stunning graphics is not so hard like the previous years.  No, you don’t need to learn the complex software like Photoshop, for designing graphics. The above-mentioned tools are immensely simple to use and full of functionality to let you dynamic. So now getting increased visual, more viewers without spending much time for it.

10 Ways to Increase Visitor On-Page Time and Drop Your Bounce Rate

Do you have recently checked analytics of your website? What does it say? If the conversion rate is less than your desired then it might be the bounce rate that is lowering you in the market. It seems that visitors visit your site and on your homepage but don’t give you enough time convert them. Feeling bad? Don’t be since the task is quite simple in nature and pretty good in generating results. The average bounce rate of your site is below 34{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} then it is high time you need to work on it.

10 Ways to Increase Visitor On-Page Time and Drop Your Bounce Rate

1. Improve the Content and Design
You might be looing the potential clients due to a worse presentation of your resources or lack of quality content. The part of user experience is readability and legibility of content. If your content fails to attract the visitors they will certainly move to another one.

When the issue comes to design you should keep an eye on a lot of others factor like the unpleasant stock images, too many pop-ups, odd typography, bad combination of color, difficult navigation.

Some tips to make the content more presentable:

  • Bold heading for title
  • Subheadings to throw more light
  • Use bullet point
  • Use chart and images if needed

Some tips to manage your design:

  • Avoid Popups
  • Simple and attractive typography
  • Use professional color
  • Use attractive Images

2. Increase Visitors On-Page Time
Don’t be happy only with the statistical data about the engagement of visitors with your page rather always try to make it more intensive. As the visitors spend much time on your site you, visit more pages then it more likely they are converting.

3. Improve Your Brand Storytelling
To capture the attention of your target audience you need to convince them with a captive story. Feeling confused? Literally, you need to decorate the site in a way that tells a story. Therefore think again how can you make your content and design more acceptable to others. A more impressive attribute could change the story all along.

4. Manage Speed of Loading
Lethargic speed is another barrier that affects the bounce rate greatly. You lose your conversion rate by 7{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} for each extra second you need to load a site. The shocking news is about 57{bdd4cf928735d747c180c36f5ecffe4c1697e62e497710c0236888f7dd17527d} of the buyers leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

5. Renovate Menu Pattern
If the visitors move away from the pre-determined path then the problem may be the navigation that you need to shape. You have work a lot to make the navigation straight for your visitors. It should be much simpler so redesigning of the navigation is a pretty nice way to improve the bounce rate. Placing pages in logical order within the menu let you present the content of your site in a better way.

6. Optimize Images Of your site
The first thing to be kept in mind those image is an unavoidable part of any website which actually tells a lot of things without saying anything. Optimizing images comprise choosing quality images and compression of selected images. Using unique and premium images is better for getting more attention from the visitors. However, free stock images could be a good one if they are optimized properly.

7. Don’t Disrupt the UX
Most of the visitors hate irrelevant images, pop-up or add on the pages where they are actually for important resources and it directly affects the user experience of your site. So try to avoid using unnecessary elements on your site which actually bother your visitors. Some marketers even use aggressive or even bullying language in their popups, which only makes immediate departure more likely. Even if you are on the page of others, would you like to view such things instead of the content that you are looking for? Just think from visitor’s point of view and you will find you not alone.

8. Take care of Fronts
Some webmasters are only serious about images, colors, and design of the site and generally ignore caring the fonts. Left the site with default fronts is not a good idea at all. The complex outlook of the content makes it difficult for visitors to realize your content and reduce creditability of the site as well.

9.Change Presentation
To make the content much more attractive to the client you need to break the content presenting style in more intuitive ways.  You may follow the following suggestion like

  • Use short sentences
  • Publish content in Small Para
  • Use relatively large front and header tag
  • Avoid jargon and use simple words to define terms

10.Create Credible Call-to-Action
Once you able to attract your visitors with the headlines and contents then don’t lose them with weak Call-to-Action buttons. The truth is that your calls-to-action may the barrier that would not let you move forward. Often visitors fail to get it due to less visibility of it. So you need to personalize the placement, color, and size of the action button cordially.

We have mentioned the ways that you might follow to reduce bounce rate and to boost your conversion rate. Try to track back your clients by following these strategies and share your success rate with us.

12 Ways Keep Your Website Active When you’re In Vacation

Everyone needs a break to be refreshed and get back to work with more energy. But if you are an owner of an active website then it is quite hard to take a vacation since maintaining a site requires a considerable amount of time. But if we think wisely it is realized that taking a vacation for sometimes will help me to be healthy and let you more concentrate on the business and certainly brings more success onward. Form our observation we found that with a good strategic plan you can maintain your professionalism as well as you will able to get a break whenever you need.

12 Ways Keep Your Website Active When you’re In Vacation

Taking a Break from WordPress: Tips and Tools
A human being needs rest to enhance energy so that they can supply creative high-quality works all the time. Here we will discuss some of tips and tricks which have been following by professional web developer. Hope, this article will help you a lot.

  • Tip #1: Clone Yourself
    Puzzled? Don’t be, we know it is not possible yet and it may not be a solution you exactly need. You are a WordPress expert and the information about your project you were known is different than your co-workers know. So you can get a help of your co-workers and employees by providing them with sort of guidance that will let them handle issue even you are absent.

    Recommended Tool:
    ‘’Ultimate Branding plugin’’ is recommended for customizing WordPress dashboard with Help content and tutorials.

  • Tip #2: Plan Ahead
    You might be familiar with the proverb ‘’the news never sleeps’’. This is also applicable for contents of a site. You are on vacation it does not mean that your site is also in deep sleep.

    But there is a précised solution for this. Just plan out, create, and schedule your website’s upcoming batch of content ahead of time.

    Recommended Tool:
    Keep yourself be organized with Editorial Calendar plugin which let you maintain your contents and site elements with ease. This nice tool will provide you with an overview of the drafted post and help you schedule timing for publishing.

  • Tip #3: Stay Social
    People love to share and like the photos of vacation using social media and this can be your advantage. You can keep the flow of promotion and leadership using your social media profile.

    Recommended Tool:
    Just get the CoSchedule plugin to be your stand-in. This tool is exclusively designed to help to create and posting bulk messages on schedule basis for social media. Unfortunately, this tool is not able to respond to any message from your clients but it at least keeps you alive on the social network even you are out.

  • Tip #4: Clean Up
    Keep your site fresh and free from spam comment even you are not there and this is important for holding your reputation up. If the audience finds that your site is showing fake spam comments about your business that will actually risk your business.

    Recommended Tool: Keep your site binds with Akismet plugin. It filters spam comments by default. And let you free from spam even you are not in place.

  • Tip #5: Delegate
    To get relive from anxiety when you are on vacation is to delegate a task to clients or others. But you may be afraid of letting customization and management power to others then you can filter the access of the other to your defined limited options of the site.

    Recommended Tool:
    You can define the role of the other user using the ‘’User Role Editor Plugin’’. Whenever you need to manage the role of others you can do it easily from its panel.

  • Tip #6: Automate Updates
    Update for theme, plugins and core elements need to be automated before you go for a vacation so that your security terms get updated in the right time without your assistance or concern.

    Recommended Tool:
    For an automated update, you can use ‘’Easy Updates Manager plugin’’. This is a good tool to manage your site still in your presence.

  • Tip #7: Build Your Defenses
    When you are not in work there may be some hacking approach or malicious attack. So before you go for the vacation you need to harden the defense of your site.

    Recommended Tool:
    To monitor your site in your absence and to get an alert of possible attack ‘’Defender security plugin’’ is a good choice.

  • Tip #8: Generate Regular Backups
    Before you make your schedule for outing you must need to back up your site. This is because you are letting responsibilities to other to manage your site when you are absent and in this way, many bad things can happen to your organized site and you might need to restore the site to the previous state when you are in.

    Recommended Tool:
    A nice choice for backup and restore is ‘’Snapshot Pro’. It comes with 10 GB managed cloud for creating a backup. It will help you restore when you want.

  • Tip #9: Customize Your Response
    It is really frustrating when you are on vacation and your clients are looking for you or your visitors are wasting their time for a contact form to contact you and you are not there.

    Before you leave your desk for vacation don’t forget to put customize message in the contact form to say hello and to left a leave message for your clients.

    Recommended Tool:
    WPMU DEV Contact Widget is a nice tool that you can use to customize your existing contact form. Along with this, you can also assign new admin email recipient to monitor response.

  • Tip #10: Add WordPress to Your Mobile
    We don’t recommend to work in your free time while you are in fun but if you want to have a look at your site using a quick access tool then it may help you and sometimes it will let you enjoy the vacation more. A laptop is quite heavy so we suggest installing WordPress on your mobile.

    Recommended Tool: You just need to install WordPress for the mobile platform.

  • Tip #11: Keep Your Projects in Your Pocket
    Instead of carrying all the data for login, team contact, client’s data just install a project management tool to a mobile device so that you can get help instantly in an emergency.

    Recommended Tool:
    We recommend ‘Trello’ for keep your project in a pocket. Interface of this app is pretty simple, clean, and intuitive so it makes you organized to work for a project when you are not in the office.

  • Tip #12: Keep Track of Analytics
    When you are on vacation you may be interested to watch the flow of traffic to your site. This will give you the intense idea about how your business going on when even you are not in.

    Recommended Tool:
    You need to install Google Analytics on your site to follow the trend your traffic not only in vacation preferably to have deep monitoring of the visitor’s attribute.

Wind up
Before reading this article you may have the concept that developers have no free time enjoy their life. Hope your ideas have changed somewhat than before. As you are still able to continue your business without spending time for development and maintenance why not go for a vacation right now.

A Guide to Optimize Conversion Rate of WordPress Site

The concept of Conversion Rate Optimization impels the technique that significantly increases the rate of engagement of visitors with any website. More concisely it gives the ultimate outcome regarding the number of sell or completion of the desired action. It is usual that a website has a great number of visitors but conversion is significantly poor. Let’s understand it in some better ways.

A Guide to Optimize Conversion Rate of WordPress Site

Before we process to the main term of discussion you need to familiar with some basic of OCR. Let’s break that down so we don’t forget:

  • Conversion: Conversion refers to a specific action done by a visitor, it may be making buy or doing a task. It solely depends on the purpose of a site.
  • Action: Action is the specific task performed by a visitor like transaction, promote service, subscribing, signing up for your newsletter and others.
  • Conversion Rate: It is calculated by dividing the number of people who convert to a total number of visitors to your site.
  • Conversion Funnel: Customer performs the specific set of steps you desired to have a conversion.
  • Call to Action (CTA): This type of action bottom is found in commercial websites in the form of “Buy Now”, “Signup for a free trial” or creative ones like “See why you’re losing money” and the owner want to be clicked for conversion.

Key Pointers
At this point we are about to mention some basic guideline for CRO:

  • CRO is the process of making your website trustworthy to your clients so that they convinced to be converted to clients.
  • Evidence backed and generic techniques are two basic ways of approaching towards CRO.
  • Evidence backed technique requires more intensive effort to execute.
  • Generic techniques may not be successful for all websites.
  • Evidence backed CRO efforts require data-centric works. It is totally based on the insight of user behavior, hypothesis and specific study on user’s attitude. This process involves trial and error method, in a nutshell testing different method and result and selecting the best strategy for them is the key to achieve your conversion goal.
  • According to research on CTA, we have found that more than one choice substantially decreases the rate of conversion. So don’t make the mistake of placing more than one CTA on a single landing page.
  • Try to think about the benefit of your visitors too; don’t think solely about your profit. As for example for completing any action like sing up to your site he must be awarded a free eBook or something like that.
  • Remember, fewer choices = lower time for decision making = faster conversion.
  • Using appropriate images with a sweet combination of text could play a great role in conversion.

Why CRO Is Important?
CRO is the question about quality, not the quantity. Website with high traffic is not just enough you need to convert them to make money. CRO tell you that instead of focusing on a strategy of increasing traffic you need to focus on maximizing the conversion. So split your investment into two parts like SEO and CRO. CRO lets you understand the types of visitors and let you tune the efforts regarding conversion.

The CRO Process

  1. Determine the Page You Want to Optimize
    At first, you need to determine the section or element that you need to optimize. Each site is different and one CRO technique will not work for every site. It mostly depends on the nature of the visitors of any site.
  2. Establish a Baseline
    You need to do some analysis for identifying the performance currently your website bearing before you start the process CRO. Your ideal conversion can be identified through research on statistics.  Make sure to stick to the best CRO process.
  3. How to Go For IT:
    You can use the Google analytics for experiments on content on your WordPress site since it is a nice way to have a test on pages. You can install a plugin to do some experiment on tracking your visitors.

    1. Identify the Obstacles
      In the improvement process if you want to optimize a specific page you need to separate different local section. If the bounce rate of your site is high then determine the section of your site that repeals your users. That is the section you need to revise to improve it. You have to develop 2-3 versions of the specific part and test them as well. Sometimes you should make little change to your old home to justify how your visitors react with the new look.
    2. Disrupt the Barriers
      Here we have sort out some questions which will let you identify hindrance of conversion associated your website:

      • Do have a properly visible CTA?
      • Is the CTA is good for clicking and are people like to click it?
      • Does your CTA button is comfortable for a user or it is irritating? For example, asking for the credit card details for a free consultation isn’t such a good idea

      It is wise to play with the following things if you want to have some change in your landing page:

      • Change the microscopy on the CTA
      • Change the style of CTA like the buttons text size, color or  font style
      • Reduce the amount of data on landing page so that user can easily find out the CTA
      • Try to make the heading more magnetic
      • Manipulate the time of showing CTA according to result
      • Change the position of portfolio and testimonial to show CTA prominently
      • Don’t ask too much information in signup form
    3. We hope you have already understood that the process is not one time performing you need to work regularly on it. After you analysis and improving the performance of your site, you will get some level of conversion. With a view to the recent trend, you have to change your strategies over the time.

      Common Ideas to Improve CRO
      There are some other general ways that will help you to achieve good conversion. Basically, this is associated with the user experience. Good loading speed means more popularity and obviously more conversion.

      Geeky and Time-Consuming Techniques:

      To improve the speed of your site you can implement CDN. Here are our favorite options.

      1. Implement WordPress Caching
      2. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like MaxCDN

      Easy Problem Free Techniques:
      This will cost you more but require less time investment from your side. Here’s a list of the different hosting techniques, sorted in decreasing order of cost:

      • Managed WordPress Hosting
        Transfer your site to a reputed managed WordPress hosting company. They are popular for their speed, security, and update.
        Example: We at AbaThemes use and recommend HostNine
        Cost: $14-66 USD/month
      • Shared Hosting
        Shared hosting is relatively less costly and you will have the assurance of good speed for your site.
        Example: HostGator
        Cost: $4-6/month


      So you have got the details idea of manipulating the CRO efforts. Unlike SEO efforts you must need to follow up your progress of conversion. Lots of plugins are out there to track down your visitors and conversion with minimal technical attention.